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Naches Lions Club

Lions Club logo

Naches Lions Club
P.O. Box 488
Naches, WA 98937
Email nacheslions@gmail.com
Website www.nacheslions.org
Facebook page


Current Membership: 32
Cost of Annual Membership: $30.00/quarter

Membership is open to anyone 18 and over. Applicants must be invited by current members. We hold annual open house meetings to recruit new members.

The privilege of being a Naches Lion entitles a person to one dinner each month (Lunch is off the menu!  It also entitles a person to vote at meetings and it entitles a person to work with some GREAT members of our community at community service projects and fundraisers.

About the Naches Lion's Club

The Naches Lions Club is a service organization chartered by Lions Club International with over fifty years of service to the Naches Valley. The Lions Motto is "We Serve" and we do! Sight and hearing projects are a major interest of Lions Clubs. We can tap into Lions Multiple District funding for major sight and hearing projects. Most sight and hearing projects are paid with funds generated in the Naches community. Our Club sponsors Sportsman's Days, a community function that allows other organizations to raise funds.


Each month brings a different service project, From Christmas Decorations to Easter Egg Hunts, from collecting funds for the Sight Foundation (White Cane Days) in May to operating Indian John Hill Coffee Stop in the spring or summer. The Club sponsors and maintains a cabin at Camp Prime Time, a camp near Clear Lake for families with special needs children. The planning for Sportsman's Day and running the event is our major activity. To raise funds for our local projects, scholarships, eye exams, glasses and hearing aids, we recycle newspaper from bins at Slims and Suntides.

Sportsmans' Days Celebrations in Naches held each September.

Each year the club organizes Sportsmans Days. Sportsmans' Days promotes the greater Naches community and allows nonprofit groups to earn money. The event also provides a great time of community fellowship, which far exceeds the value of the money brought in during that weekend.

Regular monthly meetings

We meet three times a month. You can buy breakfast and lunch at those meetings, if you wish.  The final Thursday meeting dinner is paid for by the club. Attendance at the meetings is NOT mandatory, but you'll be missing out on a lot of fun, fellowship and information if you miss too many!

  • Second Tuesday, Noon, Margaret's Apple Cart Deli, Naches
  • Third Tuesday, 6:30 a.m., Margaret's Apple Cart Deli, Naches
  • Last Thursday, 6:00 p.m., Naches Elementary School, Naches

Medical Equipment

For many years the Naches Lions Club has received donations of medical equipment from community members and provided free use of this equipment to others. Depending on availability, we may be able to provide a hospital bed, wheelchair, beside commode, walker, and other durable medical equipment for home use, free of charge.

Items must be picked up at our Naches warehouse. For more information, contact Paul Kauzlarich at pkauz46@gmail.com (509) 653-2408.


Club Leadership

Our club leadership for 2019-2020:

  • President: Bill Davis
  • 1st Vice President: John Anderson
  • 2nd Vice President: Gail Welch 
  • 3rd Vice President: Dan Wade
  • Secretary: Jim Gillie  
  • Treasurer: Rob Gifford
  • Tail Twister: Lesley Downing and Patty Davis 
  • Lion Tamer: Dan Sperry
  • 2nd Year Board Member at large: John Strong 
  • 2nd Year Board Member at large: Don Culton
  • 1st Year Board Member at large: Ron Freeze
  • 1st Year Board Member at large: Paul Kauzlarich
  • Membership: Aaron Roberts



Last updated July 8, 2019.



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