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Naches Area Churches

Assembly of God Church
303 Tieton Avenue
Tel. (509) 653-2181

Church of Jesus Christ LDS
533 Naches Ave
Tel. (509) 653-2566

Naches Church of the Nazarene
103 Naches Avenue
(PO Box 157)
Tel. (509) 653-2176, 653-2774

Clear Lake Grace Brethren Camp
11660 Tieton Rd

First Presbyterian Church of Tieton
740 Franklin Rd
Tel. (509) 673-4621

Memorial Bible Church
111 Old Stage Way
Tel. (509) 966-6500

Nile Valley Community Church
60 Bedrock Lane
Tel. (509) 658-2904

Peace of Christ Church of Naches (Presbyterian)
201 East Second Street
(PO Box 246)
Tel. (509) 653-2527

St. John Catholic Church
206 Moxee Avenue
(PO Box 128)
Tel. (509) 653-2534

If you would like more complete information for your Naches area church on this website, or have a correction for your listing above, please contact us and make the corrections and we'll build a page to promote your church.

Send us informationon your church services. Download the Naches Churches Form MS Word document


Last updated November 29, 2022



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