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Gift Shops

During your next visit to or drive through the Naches Valley, stop by and visit these interesting gift shops. Many resorts and restaurants on White Pass and Chinook Pass also have small gift shops with a variety of local and theme gift items.

Naches Valley

Cates & Cates Arts & Crafts
83 Locust Lane
Naches, WA  98937
Tel./Fax 509-653-1139
Email HJC1255@nwinfo.net

LaKat Gallery
10201 Highway 12
Naches, WA 98937
Tel. (509) 653-1350
Email lakatgallery@nwinfo.net

Little Red Schoolhouse
12691 US Hwy 12
Tel. (509) 653-2041

Spirit in the Wood
9931 U.S. 12
Naches, WA 98937
(509) 961-3061

(next to Walkabout Creek Saloon)
10000 US Highway 12
Tel. (509) 653-1004

Chinook Pass

Squaw Rock Resort (Naches/Mount Rainier Resort)
15070 State Route 410
Naches, WA 98937
Tel. (509) 658-2926

Whistlin Jack Lodge
20800 Hwy 410
Tel. (509) 658-2433

White Pass

Trout Lodge
27090 Hwy 12
Tel. (509) 672-2211



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