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Organization Camps

These camps are run by church and community organizations in the Yakima Valley and are located on either White Pass or Chinook Pass. In addition to the programs run by the organizations themselves, many of the facilities are also open for short term rental by outside groups.

Camp Ghormley
640 Lost Lake Road
Tel. (509) 672-4311
Visit webpage

Camp Jubilee
300 Wildcat Road
Tel. (509) 672-2880

Camp Prime Time
P.O. Box 148
Yakima, WA 98907
Tel. (509) 248-2854

Clear Lake Grace Brethren Camp
11660 Tieton Road
Tel. (509) 672-2510

Lost Creek Village Christian Camp & Conference Center
1260 Lost Creek Road
Tel. (509) 658-2945

YMCA Camp Dudley
14830 Tieton Road
Tel. (509) 672-2480



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