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Antique Stores

Take a trip back in time with a visit to the great antique shops in the Naches Valley!

Naches offers two antique stores: Bales Antiques and Hobbit Shop Antiques. If you’re looking to add a little personality and flair to your home or just want to experience a different kind of history lesson ... vintage is always in!

Old-fashioned country woodworks, furniture, books, jewelry are some of the items you’ll find in these antique shops. Each piece is riddled with history and has a story to tell. You can observe different gadgets and tools used by past generations and housewares for their daily lives. See antiques that are as unique and diverse as the people who have populated the Naches Valley over the years.

Looking to have an vintage or antique repaired? Stop by the Finish Doctor to have your precious items repaired or freshened up!

Call ahead for an appointment as their hours vary with the seasons

Bales Antiques
81 Locust Lane
Tel. (509) 653-2090

Hobbit Shop Antiques
2450 S Naches Road
Tel. (509) 965-0768

Antique Repair & Restoration

The Finish Doctor
10228 Old Naches Hwy
Tel. (509) 969-5066



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