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Waterfalls in the Naches Ranger District

There are many waterfalls throughout the Naches Ranger District and spring is a good time to visit them due to the strong flow from snow melt. A wide variety of uses are available to recreationists with many special areas offering unique views and sights. While some visitors are looking for camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting, others just want to view wildlife or special areas. The following is a list of waterfalls that can be seen on the Naches Ranger District.

#1 Bumping River Falls - 30 to 40 ft. (above Bumping Lake and below Swamp Lake Trail
#970 crossing).

#2 Clear Creek Fall - 150 ft. (just east of White Pass on Highway 12; visit the recreation
trail east of Dog Lake or park at Rocky Point pull-out and look west).

#3 Deep Creek Falls - 30 to 35 ft. (1/4 mile west of Deep Creek road culvert crossing, beyond
Bumping Lake).

#4 Horsetail Falls - 50 ft. (approximately 1 mile on Little Naches Road 1900; north side about
100 ft. from road).

#5 Indian Creek Falls - 75 ft. (above switchback ford on Indian Creek Trail #1105 off of White
Pass on Hwy 12) - hike to bridge, climb switchbacks, falls are on right and off trail, listen for falls.

#6 Mesatchee Falls - 50 ft. (south side of Chinook Pass on State Route 410 & west of Pleasant
Valley about 3/4 mile in on Trail #969).

#7 South Fork Tieton Falls - 30 to 40 ft. (approximately 1 mile beyond Bear Creek bridge on So. Fork Tieton Road 1000; hike about 100 yards south of road down a short trail to falls).

#8 Union Creek Falls - 100 ft. (north side of Chinook Pass on State Route 410 & west of
Pleasant Valley, a short hike up Trail #956) - second falls at No. Fork crossing.

#9 West Quartz Creek - 100 ft. (in the Little Naches drainage, north side of F.S. Road 1922
alongside Trail #952 approximately 100 yards off of the road).


Just a short hike up Union Creek Trail #956 affords you a view of what gave the Cascade range its name. After you cross the bridge, about 65 yards up the trail, you come to a small junction where a series of switchbacks begin. The trail to your left will lead down to the stream where you can view the lower falls and get a glimpse of what is ahead.

Go up the trail (4) switchbacks and there will be another side trail leading down to the falls; just follow your ears! You can walk down to the base of the falls and feel the refreshing spray on your face while enjoying a full view of 70 feet of falling water plummeting down into a beautiful pool below. On the other side there is a lush, green carpet of vegetation which miraculously grows on the sheer cliffs due to the constant shower of spray. While you are taking in all these delights of nature, don't miss the thick patches of Vanilla Leaf, Nuttall's Larkspur and Cliff Penstemon growing up along the cliff on the trail side of the falls.

You will notice some obvious shortcutting of trail switchbacks. Please help prevent erosion problems that affect plant and tree stability and silt in streams by staying on the trail switchbacks and not shortcutting. Litter is an unsightly problem in this area. Please pack out what you pack in. Thank you and have a pleasant hike.

This article was generously provided by the Naches Ranger District Information Staff - USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region

“The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer”.

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